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Preface -

Pthreads Programming
Bradford Nichols, Dick Buttlar and Jacqueline Proulx Farrell
 Copyright 1996 O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.

First of all, we'd like to thank Andy Oram, our editor at O'Reilly & Associates. He stuck with us through the long haul, and the book benefits from his attentive reviews, technical expertise, and sheer professionalism on this book beyond measure. We're also indebted to our technical reviewers: Jeff Denham, Bill Gallmeister, and Dean Brock. Jeff, Greg Nichols, and Bernard Farrell read and commented on early drafts of the book. Thank you all!
Brad: "The inspiration for this book came from a threads programming seminar I developed back in 1991 for the Institute for Software Advancement (ISA). I'd like to express my appreciation to Rich Mitchell of ISA and Nick Uginow of DEC for setting me on this track, as well as the good folks at DECwest in Seattle and DEC software engineering in Nashua, New Hampshire, who attended my seminars and helped the course evolve. I'd like to acknowledge the support and encouragement of my former colleagues at DEC: Andy Kegal, Fred Glover, Ed Cande, and Steve Strange. On the personal side, I'd like to acknowledge my grandmother, Natalie Bunker, for the desire to write a book, my wife Susan for supporting me through the long project, and my friend Paul Silva for modeling the determination needed to complete it."
Dick: "I'd like to thank Kathleen Johnson, Thomas Doeppner, Stan Amway, Cheryl Wiecek, Steve Fiorelli, and Dave Long. Each can lay a claim to some flavor and vintage of threads information I filed away somewhere in my head just in case someone asked. Special thanks to Ruth Goldenberg (the most technical and generous of writers), Mike Etzel, and Howard Littlefield. I want to especially thank Connie, my wife, for her love, patience, and permission to skip this year's spring cleanup. (Another book for the snow-shovelling season, Brad and Jackie?) Finally, love to my kids: Jenn (who wants a giraffe on the cover), Maggie (a doggie), and Tom (a lobster...on a pirate's shoulder...with one leg....).
Jackie: "I'd like to thank Bernard, who is not only a superb technical resource but an absolutely wonderful, supportive husband. I'd also like to thank Mark Sanders and Jonathan Swartz for my first introductions to threads concepts. Thanks also to the whole DECthreads team, and Peter Portante in particular, for helping refine my understanding of the practical matters of programming with Pthreads."

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