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Appendix B - Pthreads Draft 4 vs. the Final Standard

Pthreads Programming
Bradford Nichols, Dick Buttlar and Jacqueline Proulx Farrell
 Copyright 1996 O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.

Thread Attributes
Feature: In the final draft, threads have stack-address and detached-state attributes (as discussed in Chapter 4). Draft 4 doesn't define these thread attributes. As a result, the thread attribute calls (pthread_attr_setstackaddr, pthread_attr_getstackaddr, pthread_attr_setdetachstate, and pthread_attr_getdetachstate) have no meaning in a Draft 4 implementation. 
Feature: Draft 4 does not define a way for you to set the scheduling scope of a thread. (See the section on scheduling later in this appendix.) 
Syntax: To destroy a thread attribute object in a Draft 4 implementation, you call pthread_attr_delete; in an implementation that conforms to the final standard, you call pthread_attr_destroy
Syntax: The Pthreads library calls you use to change thread-scheduling attributes have different names in Draft 4 and the final standard. (See the section on scheduling later in this appendix.) 

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